Climate Adaptation Case Studies

The goal of the Climate Adaptation Case Studies is to inform on-the-ground management and planning with data and tools for assessing climate vulnerability. This project will apply the results of our on-going climate change vulnerability assessment to the management of four complex landscapes within the North Pacific and Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs). Within each landscape, the vulnerability assessment project team will work with mangers, land-owners, and conservation practitioners to explore 1) how downscaled climate data sets, modeled vegetation changes, and information on estimated species sensitivities can be used to develop climate change adaptation strategies, and 2) how model results and data sets can be made more useful for informing the management of species and landscapes. To accomplish these two goals, we are preparing data sets and model outputs for selected case study landscapes and holding workshops with stakeholders in each region. For more information, please contact Julia Michalak.

Case Studies:
British Columbia Parks and Protected Areas Network
(BC, Canada)
Pioneer Mountains – Craters of the Moon  ((central Idaho)
Willamette Valley Ecoregion (western Oregon)
Columbia Plateau Ecoregion ((eastern Washington)