Climate Western North America Data (Contact: Michael Case)
ClimateWNA was used to downscale historical data and future climate projections to a 1-km2 grid. ClimateWNA is a program that generates both directly calculated and derived climate variables for specific locations across western North America (Wang et al. 2012) using Parameter-elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model (PRISM).  We generated annual, seasonal and monthly climate data for the period 1961 to 1990.  For future climate projections, we used the SRES A2 greenhouse-gas emissions scenario from the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.  We generated five sets of future climate projections averaged for the time period 2070-2099: BCCR BCM2.0, CCCMA CGCM3, CSIRO MK 3.0, INMCM 3.0, MIROC3.2 MEDRES.

Historical (1961-1990)
(1.0 GB)
BCCR BCM2.0 (2070-2099) (989 MB)
CCCMA CGCM3 (2070-2099) (981 MB)
CSIRO MK 3.0 (2070-2099) (1.0 GB)
INMCM 3.0 (2070-2099) (615 MB)
MIROC3.2 MEDRES (2070-2099) (989 MB)
Variable list
Metadata (coming soon)

USGS Downscaled Bioclimatic Data and Projections
USGS Regional Climate Downloader (PNW-CC-VA data not yet available)


Terrestrial Vertebrates (Contact: Jesse Langdon)
Projected current and future potential distributions of 366 terrestrial vertebrate species, including 12 amphibians, 237 birds, and 117 mammals, based on correlative bioclimatic models and projected changes in biomes.  The zipped download file contains habitat suitability maps in a geotiff format, including current distribution (1961 – 1990), and future projected distributions (2070-2099) based on two global circulation models – CGCM 3.1 and Hadley CM3.  Detailed description and individual download files are coming soon.

Vertebrate Habitat Suitability
(829 MB)

Coming soon.

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