• Climate Sensitivity Database

    The Climate Change Sensitivity Database summarizes the inherent sensitivities to climate change of species and habitats of concern throughout the Pacific Northwest, and provides resource managers and decision makers with some of the most basic and most important information about how species and systems will likely respond to climate change. … (read more)

  • Habitat Suitability Models

    Models predicting recent historical and future climate suitability for over 350 terrestrial animal species, 11 tree species, and 100 ecosystems are being developed for the Pacific Northwest Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment.  These models are being developed using a correlative statistical approach, and will predict climate suitability for recent historical (1961-1990)… (read more)

    Coastal Tailed Frog Model Agreement map
  • Species Population Models

    We will use spatially explicit population models to simulate the potential impacts of climate change on populations of 12 focal species in the Pacific Northwest. The HexSim (www.hexsim.net) modeling framework allows us to simulate species-specific population dynamics on current and future modeled landscapes. The HexSim model also simulates dispersal events… (read more)

    hexsim population model
  • Climate Adaptation Case Studies

    The goal of the Climate Adaptation Case Studies is to inform on-the-ground management and planning with data and tools for assessing climate vulnerability. This project will apply the results of our on-going climate change vulnerability assessment to the management of four complex landscapes within the North Pacific and Great Northern… (read more)


Recent progress on the Climate Change Sensitivity Database


The Climate Change Sensitivity Database continues to grow and expand. Michael Case and our database technician Jorge Tomasevic are making great progress adding new sensitivity records, and uploading new information to the database. There are now completed records for 205 species and 49 ecological systems.  Please visit climatechangesensitivity.org to learn… (read more)

Case Study Workshops are complete!

We have now completed all four case study workshops. Through these workshops, we met with over 50 managers representing 9 federal, state and local agencies and 9 non-governmental organizations. Managers traveled from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and BC, Canada to participate. We learned a lot from these workshops and hope… (read more)

Welcome to climatevulnerability.org!

Welcome to our newly published website, www.climatevulnerability.org!  This site is intended to serve as a resource to provide updates on our progress as we develop the Pacific Northwest Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment, access to data and publications produced over the course of the project, and information on climate adaptation strategies. … (read more)